5 Light and Fun Brain Brain Games on Android

The games available on the Google Play Store consist of many genres. Starting from the game to simply relax, you can also find other games with a more serious genre.

One genre that is not less interesting to play is a game to sharpen the brain. As the name implies, this kind of game helps you to test your thinking skills in an exciting and fun way.

Basically, there are many brain teasers available on the Google Play Store and can be downloaded for free. However, to help you choose, we recommend the five brain brain games selected by the list below.

1. NeuroNation

This game will help you test your brain skills with 28 fun exercises and 7 customizable programs. With the variety of exercises available, you will be tested to stay focused and think fast.

Interestingly, games that can also help you improve memory and sharpen this mind do not have a large size. NeuroNation only has a size of about 27MB.

2. Smart - Brain Games & Logic

Smart - Brain Games & Logic Puzzles has 28 exciting mini games to sharpen the brain. The game also has over 600 levels that can help you improve your memory, accuracy, concentration, and speed of thinking.

This 35MB size game can be played offline and reach more players, both kids and adults. Therefore, it could not hurt to try out the gameplay offered.

3. Skillz

It's a fun brainstorming game to improve memory, speed, accuracy, including color discrimination. This logic game is designed for all age groups.

Each level of the game has its own level of difficulty. Later, you will be given a star rating of 1-5 depending on the completion. Skillz can also be played together from 2 to 4 players.

4. Brain Dots

Brain Dots is a unique game that invites you to perform logic tests including solving a number of intricate puzzles. Not only that, you are also invited to create the creation of the image with a pencil provided.

This 26MB-size game already supports 15 languages, including Indonesia, Korea, and Mandarin.

5. Memory Games: Brain Training

Not much different from the previous title, this game offers a way to train the brain with fun and fun way. There are 21 logic games offered to train memory.

Not only that, you can also challenge friends and lions from around the world by playing in online mode . For those of you who are interested, prepare 45MB of memory to download this game.

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