50 Million Facebook User Data On Sale To Worldwide?

Still warm about the case of leaks of tens of millions of Facebook user data . Now circulating news that reveals that the data is sold to the world.

This information was revealed by Steve Bannon, a former consultant for Donald Trump during the election campaign period (pilpres).

As many as 50 million of Facebook user data in question, said Bannon, in addition to given to advertising campaigns and political interests of the United States (US), also sold out to many countries.

50 Million Facebook User Data On Sale To Worldwide?

However, he does not remember how much about "mining" the data. Bannon even refused to be involved in the abuse of the data scandal.

The man in fact blamed the dirty trick by Cambridge Analytica's parent company SCL, which he said there were some parties involved in the sale of this data.

"To be sure, Facebook data sold throughout the world," said Bannon as quoted by The Guardian , Friday (23/3/2018).

"I do not know about this, data or abuse," he said.

Bannon just explained that he and Cambridge Analytica are only used to help the Trump campaign. He also admitted to not remembering the data used for election propaganda for Trump.

The whistleblower Christopher Wylie also confirmed related tens of millions of data sold it.

"We're really exploiting Facebook, because they're grossing tens of millions of personal data of their users and selling (data) every day, it's like a market, a very bitter reality, like that of Facebook's dirty business," Wylie said.

"These data are taken up for free and they monetize them with a large margin, which is obviously a pity," he continued.

However, Wylie did not reveal whether the information she submitted was accurate. He just stressed, if the social media giant owned by Mark Zuckerberg sells data taken to the world.

"I do not remember (to any country), because Cambridge Analytica did it," Wylie said.

To note, Cambridge Analytica itself denied what is expressed Wylie. The company even claimed to have deleted the data.

After disappearing within a few days due to scandalous leaks of tens of millions of Facebook user data, CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally raised his voice through official statements on Facebook and interviews in various media.

This time, the founder of Facebook not only apologized, but also claimed to be ready when summoned by Congress (Majelis Permusyawarahan Rakyat in United States) if necessary to give information.

"I am open to that," said Zuckerberg, as quoted by Recode , Thursday (22/3/2018).

"We actually do it quite often, there are many different topics that Congress needs and want to know," he added. He also ensures Congress gets access to the information they need.

Zuckerberg also apologizes for disappointing Facebook users after Cambridge Analytica abuses 50 million of the data they take from users.

"We make people disappointed, and I feel very sorry, and I'm sorry about that," he said.

For this problem, Zuckerberg called it a "breach of trust" rather than a data theft.

Cambridge Analytica does not "break through" the system or password, but lure users to retrieve their homemade quizzes by logging in using a Facebook account.

That way, the data of 50 million Facebook users can be snooped and stored for their benefit.

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