Data Leak Scandal, Users Will Leave Facebook?

Data Leak Scandal, Users Will Leave Facebook?

The issue of leakage of 50 million data Facebook users make technology company owners WhatsApp and Instagram the crisis. If proven to be true, this scandal became one of the biggest - even worst - ever experienced by the social media giant.

Cambridge Analytica (CA) is reportedly involved in a data leak scandal of 50 million Facebook users. Firma who worked with Donald Trump's campaign team during the 2016 US presidential election was accused of using millions of user data to create a software that can predict and influence voting.

In addition, Facebook user data also allegedly used CA for EU referendum campaign in the United Kingdom. This is certainly very risky, where our privacy data can be used to influence political voices, and will greatly impact the outcome of voting which undoubtedly tarnished the value of democracy.

CA itself is a company owned by technology billionaire named Robert Mercer. One of his directors, before being sworn in as President Trump's advisor, is Steve Bannon who is also a high-ranking officer in the conservative Breitbart media.

Since 2014, Cambridge Analytica developed a technique to get Facebook data from a personality quiz. Type quiz that is quite popular on Facebook is done by a third party company that is Global Science Research.

Will the utilization of such methods also occur in Indonesia? If so, will users be busy leaving Facebook?

Social media analyst Abwin Edwin Syarif Agustin said there is a possibility that it can happen, considering next year there will be pilpres in Indonesia. However, he said there has been no facts that prove it.

"This may happen because pitting ideas and competitions in social media is an easy way - no need to use a lot of costs - rather than having to campaign to certain places," said Edwin

Related views of users against the findings of this Facebook , Edwin calls it depends on how Facebook responds to this problem.

Facebook shares plummet

Public sentiment reportedly also started negative after this issue, seen from the decline in value of the company's shares that plummeted 6.77 percent. The value of the company's valuation fell to US $ 36 billion (equivalent to Rp 495 trillion) in line with investor concerns over data leakage cases that hit Facebook. Not only that, the value of Mark Zuckerberg's wealth also fell by US $ 6.06 billion or equivalent to Rp 83.3 trillion.

While for Indonesia, Edwin said, not many users are aware of data problems. However, if suddenly found a similar case in Indonesia, it is not impossible Facebook will be abandoned users.

"I think Facebook will be abandoned (if there is a similar case found in Indonesia), especially if there are unexpected presidential candidates who win because of social media, there will be a reaction, especially if there is a whistleblower that reveals this," the man who also serves as CEO of PT Ansvia.

Therefore, it reminds users to use social media and internet platforms more cautiously. Edwin also said users should use and use social media appropriately.

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