How to Use Motorcycle Routes in Google Maps

Google Indonesia released a new feature, namely a special route for a motorcycle biker in Indonesia.

This feature comes as Google's efforts provide a better and local user experience to suit its needs, in this case motorcyclists .

Google Maps Product Manager Group Krish Vitaldevara said the motorcycle's special route feature is present throughout Indonesia, especially large cities are crowded. For example Jakarta, Medan, and Surabaya.

So, how do motorcyclists use special motor route features?

First, the bicycle motors must first update the application Google Maps it to the latest version. It was only in the latest version of the special motor route features present.

After updating the app, motorcyclists can enter the route they want to go. For example, go to Mal Grand Indonesia, then choose Direction or direct from the current location to the destination location.

Select Transport Mode

How to Use Motorcycle Routes in Google Maps

Users can see the mode options used to reach the route in this case private cars, public transportation (Transjakarta and commuter line ), walking, and the latest is a motorcycle.

Users can choose the motorcycle option and the route presented will be different from the personal car option.

Interestingly, with a special motor route feature, if there is a nearby toll connecting a location with a destination, Google Maps will not direct users to enter the toll.

Benefits of Motor Special Routes in Google Maps

Earlier in the launch of a special motorcycle route feature on Google Maps, Vitaldevara said the special motorcycle route feature on Google Maps has several benefits for motorcycle users.

First, this feature provides more accurate travel time, because Google uses machine learning model based on motorcycle speed in determining travel time.

The second benefit, users who use this feature can get a special route includes shortcuts and a narrow path for motorcycles without passing the highway. That way, the route to the motor is relatively more accurate for motorists.

Third, Google also plans to open API support for anyone engaged in the transport of goods or services, such as online transport companies and expeditions to use this special route motor on the application.

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