Instagram Users Can Now Add Tagar and Link in Bio

Instagram now allows users to alter a short description of the bio alias on their profile with additional tags ( hashtags ) and profile links .

"With the hashtag and a link in the bio profile, users can express themselves or interest in something," Uja Instagram as quoted  from Ubergizmo , Thursday (22/03/2018) ..

"For example, you are a # guitarlover , hobby # pencilsketching or have a # makeuptutorial account , you can link it to a tag or profile," says Instagram .

By adding tags and links in profiles, users can display not only their description, but also what their hobbies and interests are.

For example, when you are hosting an event, you can enter a tagar that is created specifically for the event so that other users more easily while searching for information about the event.

For profile links, there are some users who have more than one Instagram account, one to display their work and one more personal profile.

Well , now users can also link these accounts to their respective account's bio accounts, and all these links can be clicked so that other users do not have to type them manually.

Instagram recently rumored will also feature  voice  and  video calls  on the  platform . Now, the news as confirmed with Instagram code that reveals the existence of  voice  and  video call features.

In the  Tech Crunch report ,  files  for both features are labeled " call " and " video call " with phone and camera icons in the Android app (APK).

The APK contains application code and displays   new files for previously unreleased features.

Quoted from  The Verge, if the feature is actually released on Instagram, the application of sharing photos and short videos that would be a big threat to Snapchat.

Instagram Users Can Now Add Tagar and Link in Bio

Snapchat also has a  video call feature , but now the service is somewhat buried because the user has to tap on a friend's profile and choose a call button on the chat screen.

Meanwhile, the Facebook Messenger chat  app  has a dedicated call button on the app launch screen.

Previously when Snapchat redesigned the appearance, many dikomplain by the user. If now Instagram presents the call feature, the possibility of the user will be more sticky with the Facebook application.

Instagram some time ago is known to often copy the features similar to Snapchat. As a result, Instagram Stories now get more number of users than Snapchat.

Previously, the Snapchat call feature allowed users to use AR Lenses that could add a user's face with a dog's ear animation or a crown of flowers.

Instagram also has various lenses to support selfie. In a way, possible Instagram video call  feature  also presents a filter that can be applied to the face.

Unfortunately not yet known when these two new features Instagram will be released to the public or tested try.

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