Is This Ghost Pro, The Latest BlackBerry Smartphone?

One licensees BlackBerry in India is Optiemus Infracom. Last month, prominent device leaker Evan Blass uploaded a photo of the latest smartphone from Optiemus, touted as BlackBerry Ghost.+

Is This Ghost Pro, The Latest BlackBerry Smartphone?

Now, Blass re- follow up the news with other smartphone leaks called the BlackBerry Ghost Pro.

Like BlackBerry Ghost, in detail, the BlackBerry Ghost Pro looks different from most smartphones .

Citing Gizmochina , Sunday (25/3/2018), so far not known the specifications of this device and the difference with the BlackBerry Ghost. However, there are differences in terms of physical leaks based on both rendering.

Viewing images, BlackBerry Ghost will come with a bezeless design , chances are this is the first BlackBerry to have an 18: 9 screen. Meanwhile, Ghost Pro seems to have a 16: 9 aspect ratio so that its physical shape is wider and shorter.

BlackBerry Ghost Pro will also carry a thicker body with the assumption of having a larger battery capacity. Another difference between the two is the chin that looks different from other BlackBerry smartphones .

In addition to the front view, there seems to be no other difference in terms of physical BlackBerry Ghost and BlackBerry Ghost Pro.

So far there has been no detailed information about this device, including the series or its name. Suspected BlackBerry Ghost Pro is a new smartphone owned by BlackBerry .

Previously, Blass also uploaded a BlackBerry Ghost smartphone leaks. Based on Evan Blass uploads, this BlackBerry smartphone will come up with a bezeless design  . Quoted from  The Next Web , Thursday (1/3/2018), this device called BlackBerry 'Ghost'.

Although there is no detailed information, Blass calls  this smartphone  will soon be present for the Indian market. Unfortunately, he did not reveal any further information including the specifications of this device.

The use of the name 'Ghost' itself also can not be ascertained the truth. Given the name is quite unique, there is a possibility 'Ghost' is the code used Optiemus for this brand-new device.

Blass also called this smartphone will be a premium Android device. Just like any  previous BlackBerry smartphone  , this device will run Android.

In addition to Optiemus, BlackBerry actually has also established partnerships with other companies, such as TCL for devices that are sold globally. While in Indonesia, the company has formed a  joint venture  named PT BB Merah Putih.

Just a reminder, a smartphone  with a BlackBerry name that has recently been launched is the BlackBerry Motion. Previously this device allegedly named BlackBerry Krypton.

BlackBerry Motion was released on the mat of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Like BlackBerry KeyOne, Motion is worked by BlackBerry device licensee, TCL. Unlike KeyOne, BB Motion comes with an all-touch design   screen aka screen.

Quoting Phone Arena, BB Motion became the first BlackBerry device equipped with IP67 certificate, thus making it resistant to water - not sea water - up to a depth of 3.3 feet or 1 meter for 30 minutes.

This smartphone comes with a 5.5 inch premium screen  anti-scratch  display with a resolution of 1,080 x 1,920 pixels (FHD). There is no clear mention of the type of processor used to support BB Motion, but it is suspected that TCL uses Snapdragon 625.

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