Want to Live Eternal, This Man Uploads his Brain Mind to a Computer

 Although already wealthy, a person is generally still feel dissatisfied. Not a few of them want to live eternally as is done by the billionaire man from the United States.

According to the Daily Mirror on Friday (23/3/2018), a Silicon Valley billionaire, United States (US), has paid a $ 10,000 pioneering company to 'kill' and preserve his brain and upload it to a computer.

The Silicon Valley billionaire was named Sam Altman. The 32-year-old man has officially paid to join the waiting list at Nectome, a startup  ( startup ) that promises to preserve the human brain and upload it to a computer, to provide an awareness of eternal life.

In this way, Sam Altman hopes that one day his brain will be uploaded to the computer. So he can 'live' digitally forever.

From the method, the company can confirm, "100 percent success". But for Altman, who created the Y Combinator program and funded startups, as he told MIT Technology Review, he believes the mind will be digitized.

 "I consider my brain will one day be uploaded to the cloud ( cloud computing)," he said.

And he is not alone. Twenty-four others have also paid to join the waiting list at Nectome.

The company is basically proposing to 'embalm' your brain - while you are still alive - with the intention of uploading it to a computer sometime if technology is enabled, so you can live digitally forever.

Chemical solutions can now preserve the body for hundreds or thousands of years, so scientists can scan your stored brain, and make it reborn as a computer simulation.

But since the process requires 'fresh brains,' embalming chemicals need to be pumped into clients while they are alive, so that will kill them effectively.

"The user experience will be synonymous with physician-assisted suicide," says founder Netcome, McNeftre, a computer scientist.

Want to Live Eternal, This Man Uploads his Brain Mind to a Computer

The Nectome storage service is not yet for sale and there is still no evidence that the memories remain, or can be removed from the dead tissue.

But the company already has a waiting list of future clients, ready to plunge into opportunities if one day the procedure becomes legal.

 This technology may be available sooner than you think. Medicinal medical help has been declared legal in five US states and Nectome has earned a large federal grant for its research.

Netcome collaborated with Edward Boyden, a top-class neuroscientist at MIT, whose brain was well preserved so that any synapses in it could be seen with an electron microscope, a scientific breakthrough that won a $ 80,000 prize.

According to Netcome, the process will involve customers who live to machines that will pump them with embalming chemicals.

The Company believes that this process can specifically attract people with severe illnesses.

Other US-based companies have offered cryogenic freezes, which conserve corpses after dying in liquid nitrogen in the hope that future advances in medicine and technology will enable them to be reborn.

How, interested in following Sam Altman's footsteps?

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